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Red Star Electric Ltd. takes pride in having built a customer base of over eight hundred homeowners, performing skilled electrical work such as:

Code Corrections

Service Upgrades and Repairs


Security Lighting

Emergency services

and much more!

Residential house

To do this unique service, Red Star Electric Ltd.’s service department consists of highly qualified electricians that specialize in the service sector. Functioning as a team, the right technician will be dispatched to meet your specific requirements. Competency is reflected not only in our technical skills but also in our ability to communicate and confirm the work that is requested by our customers.

Red Star’s Service Department Offers:

Qualified Personnel

Friendly and professional uniformed technicians

Fully equipped service vans


24 Hour Emergency Service

Senior Discounts

Registered Electrical Safety Authority Authorized Contractor

Chevrolet building


Red Star Electric Ltd. is the right choice for your commercial projects. With extensive experience in retail facilities, from store expansions and renovations to complete new structures, we are well established in this area. With our understanding of this field, Red Star Electric Ltd. is known for its commitment to customers. We will ensure continous service for all your commercial needs.


Red Star Electric Ltd. has been and continues to be a part of many institutional facilities. Our work in the health care and education field is known throughout the area. Once again, Red Star Electric Ltd. has compiled a technical staff that, through our knowledge and experience, can attend to all your electrical needs. In this area, Red Star Electric Ltd. understands the importance of quick and reliable service, and our clients can depend on our expertise in the Institutional sector.

Institutional electrical services
industrial electrical services


Red Star Electric Ltd. is highly recognized for our extensive work in the Industrial field. We know that with today’s markets, it is imperative that our customers do not incur any unnecessary "downtime". Therefore, Red Star Electric’s team of Industrial specialists are committed to service and quality and are known for their quick response. We can analyze your system and machinery to minimize the impact of unexpected shutdowns.

Red Star Electric’s clients not only count on us for new installations and expansions but also for shutdowns and ongoing maintenance. Your company can rely on our expertise to efficiently attend to the most technical electrical problems 24 Hours a Day.


Red Star Electric Ltd. is the right choice for your utility projects. We were the primary maintenance contractor for the Ministry of Transportation for the Algoma region for 15 years! In our utility division, with the experience we have behind us, we have indulged in all types of illumination, beacons, and power supplies. Red Star Electric Ltd. is also experienced in pole service and commercial lighting for buildings and parking lots.

man climbing a electrical tower
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